i skipped my math lecture and still did better than everyone on the quiz LOL

tell coldplay to fuck me in the ass

i put a $10 bill and put it in the change masheen to see what would happen and got 40 quarters. if anyone needs quarters hmu. im planning on starting my own international quarter cartel

my day broken down:
.3% sleeping
20% homework
5% eating trash food
.7% pooping and peeing
4% being in class
70% walking to class

this is the first time in a while that i’ve been on the computer just to be on the computer. im busy (walking to classes)

i spend more time walking to classes than being in classes or sleeping

pick any point in the day and i’m probably walking back uphill to my dorm from my classes that are 40 miles away

Ed Sheeran - Don’t (Chipmunk Version)

if you scroll through my texts with my dad it’s just him asking over and over again if i’ve pooped

i kept singing an ed sheeran song walking w/ my friend to her dorm and back to mine and my throat is dry (is it b/c i sang it so mcuh or b/c my friend put me in a choke hold for doing so? youll never know)