I hate straight people

*face gets really red and swollen and puffy and pissed off looking*

/you are a butt face/

What the fuck

i’m actually more scared to spend money w/ my debit card than i am with cash cuz w/ cash i never saw the numbers going down so it was easier to spend w/o guilt but looking at my bank account makes me really sweaty

i love seeing things like “I’m scared for my first day of college” posted on the internet from 5 years ago cuz they’ve probably graduated by now?? how did college go for them

tips for high school? tomorrows my first day and im scared

omg the first day will be fine =) trust me all the freshman are trying 2 make new friends & all of them are getting lost on their way 2 class so u won’t be alone. if ur shy there r always those kids that will come up to you and say hi or just start a conversation so don’t worry u will talk to ppl whether u like it or not. high school is not as scary as ppl make it sound out to be lmao??? i actually thought the whole experience was pretty laughable 

in general

- really take high school work seriously….. i kno u hear this a lot but seriously don’t slack off brah like don’t wait till 2 months before ur senior year to realize that your grades aren’t as great as u want them to be and that u don’t have anything to put on your college applications lol. like i got into college but those first few months of senior year were agony for me and i really hated myself a lot for wasting my time at the beginning of hs =) also take challenging courses but don’t overwork yourself (unless u want to….i had some friends who wanted to and that’s totally up 2 u)

-adding onto the last point like do extracurriculars lmao??? like pleasde do them like join clubs and like stuff and take on leadership positions or do competitions cuz they will help u when senior year comes around and ur filling out applicatiosn (btw this and the previous point is really only super relevant if ur planning on going to college)

-if u need help on something literally go in and talk to ur teacher….. like i didn’t go in a lot cuz as u know i was a major slacker but the few times i did go my teachers were super nice and helpful?? like some of my teachers who seemed scary in class were actually really nice when i got help from them 1 on 1

-nothing middle school teachers say about high school is true (they’re just trying to scare you i promise idk what their problem is or where they get that bullshit from)

-choose your friends wisely??? like that’s easier said than done but like from my experience i became friends w/ all the wrong ppl the first 2 1/2 yrs of hs.. i actually made friends w/ really great ppl in the latter half of my junior year & during senior year & i’m only friends w/ 2 ppl that i talked to in freshman year LOL but yeah anyways it’s not the same for everyone so don’t worry too much about this just find ppl who u feel good around .. :)

-dont congregate w/ ppl in the middle of the hallways

-finish your required courses and any service learning hours or any other requirements you need to fulfill to graduate asap?? don’t wait till senior year to do that either (it didn’t happen 2 me but there were a lot of ppl who it did happen to and it’s just stressful)

-do ur hw

idk what else to say (if u have any specific questions u can ask) tbh but it’ll all be fine and work out, u’ll be graduating b4 u know it. it’ll be kind of stressful at times but it’s like that for everyone so just try to pull through. but freshman year is relatively stress free i think compared to later years of high school so you might not have to worry about crying all over your physics lab till your junior or senior year.. :) imo freshman year was the best year of hs for me but yeah, have fun & good luck

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all i saw was dc and i thought “nue has finally embraced her white straight boy side and is going to get dc shoes”

the only thing ill miss about tumblr is the fact that its my news source. tbh i wouldn’t know about anything happening in the world if it wasn’t for tumblr

ok tomorrow i’m making brownies with friend #1 and then thursday im going to DC with friend #2 and #3 and then friday im going to lunch with friend #4 and then over the weekend im packing and then monday is my last day of work and i might hang with friend #4 again on tuesday and then wednesday i move into college :O tfw


i’ve noticed that people who send messages to bloggers accusing them of ‘reverse racism’ tend to have elsa from frozen as their icons. just a trend i’ve spotted i’m not sure why it happens